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Malin Akerman on MuchMusic

March 9, 2009

I am glad the premiere of Watchmen has brought some exposure to Malin Akerman. I think she is the cutest thing alive! Here she is at a visit to Muchmusic wearing Acid Jeans, a Vintage Top and Boots, and a Topshop Belt.  Such a hot outift! She makes me want to go out vintage shopping soon.



Vancouver Boutique Profile – Nouvelle Nouvelle and Blubird

March 8, 2009

As much as I love some good old mall shopping, or shopping downtown on Robson Street, I personally prefer boutique shopping. You get such unique pieces, so you feel like you won’t roam the streets and see someone wearing all the same clothes as you. I never really investigated Vancouver’s boutique shopping until this year. I have been to the various Spank locations (Granville, West 4th, Commercial) many times and have always liked their stuff, but I wasn’t sure what else was out there.  Recently, I’ve discovered a couple of boutiques that are a must when shopping in Vancouver.
First of all, Gastown in general has some amazing stores. It’s a nice change of scene to go shopping down there. My favorite store out of all the ones I went into was Nouvelle Nouvelle. I was enticed to go in because of the owner’s cute dog, and I really enjoyed their selection of clothes.

They carry a bunch of different brands, including one of my favorites, Insight. Here is one of the spring dresses that they are selling in the store.


My other favorite boutique is Blubird, located downtown at 1055 Alberni Street. It’s been described as a mini Holt Renfrew. They carry one of my favorite clutches of all time, CC Skye’s electric blue Niki Clutch – it’s a celebrity favorite.  Blubird carries a lot of trendy stuff that is very LA.


Trend of the Day – Oxfords

March 8, 2009

Oxford Shoes are a huge craze right now. There are several different styles ranging from a pump to a classic shoe. Jeffrey Campbell makes a couple of styles that are very trendy right now. I saw a couple of pairs at Spank Shoes on West 4th Avenue.

They have these in a variety of different colors at Spank, and they have some other different styles as well.


Urban Outfitters just got some Oxfords in by Dolce Vita.  I particularly like these ones pictured below.  Most Oxfords I have seen in this style of shoe are very plain in color.  I’ve seen them in solid black, grey or brown, but these ones are a pewter.  I like how shimmery they are, they make the shoe a lot more feminine and trendy.


Project Runway Canada – Hope Springs Eternal

March 4, 2009

I just caught up with all episodes of Project Runway Canada and will be giving a weekly update. This week Jessica Biffi won the challenge.  The challenge was creating a Day-to-Night spring dress for the Winners customer.  I like Jessica a lot, I think she’s a good designer and she’s hilarious with her whole white gangsta attitude.  I definitely agree that she should have won the challenge.  She picked lime green for the dress, which is such a hot color this season.  I really like the neckline and I think that it’s a very flattering silhouette.  Here it is pictured below.


So this week, the prize for winning the challenge was that the designer would get to have their dress sold at selected Winners locations.  Guess what Vancouver?  Two locations nearby will be carrying that dress: the Winners downtown on Granville, and the Winners in Park Royal.  I am beyond excited about this!  Project Runway Canada is one of the only Canadian reality shows that I can stand.  I was always jealous of the American Project Runway and all the people that got to go to those selected locations to buy the winning design, now it’s our turn Canada!

As for the rest of the show, Jeff got eliminated and I think that was a good decision.  His designs were very old lady ish, and he wasn’t a very innovative designer.  He is nowhere nearly as talented as my Sunny (who has to win the contest or I will have a heart attack).  I must say though, I did enjoy Jeff’s bitchy, sassy attitude and it will be greatly missed.  I hope Jessica and Sunny end up in the top 3 but honestly, I don’t know who else I want in there.  Jason is certifiably nuts.  There was that first challenge where he made his model drape herself with a tarp like she was some kind of wild animal.  I’ve never seen that on a runway in my entire life, it was such a strange gimmick.  Then the last challenge, he put those snaps on the dress so you could leave the dress up or put it down and do all these crazy things with it.  It was mega weird, no woman would ever do that with her dress.  Isn’t fashion supposed to be your job, Jason?  Shouldn’t you know the basics behind it?  Heavy sigh.

Then there’s Kim.  Oh, Kim.  She has done nothing special so far and all she does is shit talk everyone else on the show.  This past week, she made it through to the next round because of her mediocrity yet again.  She needs to go.  I’m not particular fussy about her partner in crime Genevieve either.  She makes some pretty weird decisions, like in the last challenge where she clearly constructed a nighttime dress and tried to make it pass for a daytime dress too.  “You can wear flip flops with it and wear it to work!”  No, for the love of God, you can’t.

Oh yeah, and then there’s Adejoké.  She’s alright, but I almost forgot she was in the competition.  Every time she talks I slip into a coma.   She’s not particularly creative and I don’t know if her style is really my taste, but I prefer her over Jason, Kim, and Genevieve.

Singer 22’s New Spring Items

February 26, 2009

Singer 22 is quickly becoming my favorite website.  They just got a whole bunch of new stuff in. There are so many cute things, I want all of them!
Here is the link for their new items.

Here are my favorite items from the page.

irissinger_2043_4814824761Zebra-print Tolani Scarf


irissinger_2043_3236174131Kettle Black High Top Silver Studded Sneaker.  I saw ones just like this at Free People a few months ago.

irissinger_2043_522296667Rory Beca Ruffle Dress


Best Dresses at the Oscars

February 24, 2009

There were a lot of beautiful dresses at the Oscars on Sunday, but the one person that blew me away was Natalie Portman. She chose a draped, orchid gown by Rodarte. The color was a bold choice and she pulled it off really well. She also had matching eye makeup, some people thought it looked vampy and gawdy but I thought it looked soft and pretty. 

In a close second was one of my favorite teen queens, Vanessa Hudgens, who I have a non-sexual crush on. She was wearing a black Marchesa gown with white flowers.


Trend of The Day – Jumpsuits

February 22, 2009

When I heard Jumpsuits were going to be in style, all I could think about was Freddy Mercury in his Harlequin jumpsuit.  I cringed a little bit.  




I composed myself once I saw a couple of looks.  They actually aren’t that bad, in fact, they are really cute.  I may even wear one this summer.  Here are a couple of designs. 


mikec2012612867_prod_category_thumbnail_v1_m56577569831394489This design is by Mike and Chris and can be purchased at for $211.00


notcoutureThis design is by Eryn Brinie and can be purchased at for $174