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Vancouver Boutique Profile – Nouvelle Nouvelle and Blubird

March 8, 2009

As much as I love some good old mall shopping, or shopping downtown on Robson Street, I personally prefer boutique shopping. You get such unique pieces, so you feel like you won’t roam the streets and see someone wearing all the same clothes as you. I never really investigated Vancouver’s boutique shopping until this year. I have been to the various Spank locations (Granville, West 4th, Commercial) many times and have always liked their stuff, but I wasn’t sure what else was out there.  Recently, I’ve discovered a couple of boutiques that are a must when shopping in Vancouver.
First of all, Gastown in general has some amazing stores. It’s a nice change of scene to go shopping down there. My favorite store out of all the ones I went into was Nouvelle Nouvelle. I was enticed to go in because of the owner’s cute dog, and I really enjoyed their selection of clothes.

They carry a bunch of different brands, including one of my favorites, Insight. Here is one of the spring dresses that they are selling in the store.


My other favorite boutique is Blubird, located downtown at 1055 Alberni Street. It’s been described as a mini Holt Renfrew. They carry one of my favorite clutches of all time, CC Skye’s electric blue Niki Clutch – it’s a celebrity favorite.  Blubird carries a lot of trendy stuff that is very LA.


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